Just back from tonight's council meeting where they were discussing the current status of the CRD Regional Deer Management Strategy - Oak Bay Pilot.  Prior to getting to this item on the agenda several members of the public stepped forward to speak about the proposed pilot. Three spoke against the cull (one person was from Saanich), and I spoke for looking for a way to deal with the issue that didn't include controlling the number of deer through traffic accidents (see "Deer" under my issues page).

Council members all took the opportunity to give their opinions on the staff report and recommendations. Some members of council still have many questions and seemed not to want to move to the next step in the process  - even though (all but Councillor Green)  had agreed to pursue this at earlier meetings. However, the motion was made to accept the staff report (which outlined the steps already taken like by-laws around feeding and fines, public education, monitoring deer and vehicle altercations, brochures, info linked to the municipal website and additional signage in high traffic areas), and what the next steps would be. It passed with only Councillor Copley voting against it.

It is interesting to note that in the report, it states that even though "residents are more "deer aware", and despite initiating the recommendation to minimize deer and human conflict, the number of deer killed in Oak Bay in 2014 is trending higher than in any previous year". 

Follow this link for the staff reports.


AuthorHazel Braithwaite